Sunday, December 4, 2011

Coyote Adventure III...Dedicated to Gilbert Haldane, 1923 - 2011

My dad, Gilbert Haldane, was a big supporter of our Coyote Adventures. He was a WW II bomber pilot and a flight instructor in his later years. Because of that background, I think he related to our sailing quest as a similar, albeit much smaller, test of strength and character. I remember his excitement when he dropped us off at the airport destined for our first sailing experience in the Caribbean, when we chartered a boat in St. Martin and toured the Leeward Islands. Over the following years, he continued to enjoy our descriptions of the planning and execution of our Bahamas cruises.

After our first big trip, Dad wrote a letter to Lynn expressing how proud he was of his accomplishment as the captain and gave him a token to commemorate the journey. It was a small wooden box containing a clock and compass. On it he had engraved “To Lynn Master Mariner”. That box will always have a special place on our boat and in our hearts.

Dad passed away last May. Like all of my family, I miss him every day and especially when I think of how much he enjoyed hearing about our travels. He was such a great supporter of all his children’s undertakings. When you talked to Dad there was never anything more important to him. He always listened intently and offered sage advice. When he died we all wondered who we would go to with our questions…we have no answer for that yet.

So, as we begin this third voyage, I feel like a part of me is missing, but, I am also sure he is somewhere watching and still delighting in his daughter’s travels, on my boat and through my life. Lynn and I agreed that we should dedicate this Coyote Adventure to Gilbert…I love you Dad.