Sunday, January 12, 2014

On Our Way with Paul and Lee! Hopefully!!

After Christmas we were able to do an off shore hop around Georgia and then had an uneventful trip to our current  location, Vero Beach, where we have been waiting for good weather to cross to the Bahamas. The most exciting part was one afternoon when two dolphin joined us for about 20 minutes I was able to capture a bunch of awesome pictures as they leapt alongside the boat. I even felt like they were waving at us a few times!

Vero beach is a really cruiser-friendly city so not a bad place at all to be hanging out.  Especially since we were joined by Paul and Lee, our friends from the Baltimore Marine Center, who will be coming along for the ride. We have had fun exploring the area, especially the beach walks and the awesome pizza we enjoyed tonight at Noni's. We are very hopeful that the window we have been waiting for will happen tomorrow.  If the weather cooperates we will leave here around 9 AM and will be at our first stop in the Bahamas about 24 hours later.  So keep your fingers crossed!!  We are :)