Monday, March 31, 2014

Time to Say Good Bye

Tomorrow at 0800 hours we are departing Hope Town to start our long journey to Baltimore. If the window holds out we could be in the U.S. by Thursday. If not, we will be waiting in the northern Abacos for better crossing conditions in a week or so.

It has been another wonderful winter here in the Bahamas and I still feel so lucky to spend this long time decompressing in such a beautiful place. This year we are especially lucky because of the brutally horrible winter up north. Hopefully that will just be a painful memory (for those who experienced it) when we actually arrive home. Strangely, it has been an unusually nice winter here…not nearly as many cold fronts and lots of sunny, breezy, pleasant days. Sorry, don’t mean to rub salt water into the wound.

This year was a little different from our past adventures...perhaps a little less adventurous. We didn’t move around much and opted to just spend most of our time chilling in Hope Town. Because of that, and maybe because this is our fourth year, I have not felt I had as much to blog about. The highlights were most definitely the visits with Lynn’s kids and Paul and Lee. The rest of our days were spent doing the usual Bahamas activities. So, I thought I would just post a selection of my favorite photos from this year that bring back great memories and I think capture the essence Bahamas mon...

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